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ZDROVIT S-LINE SISTEM 40+ 56 Film-Coated Tablets for Body weight LOSS

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ZDROVIT S-LINE SISTEM 40+ 56 Film-Coated Tablets for Body weight LOSS
Green Tea Extract helps drain body fluids, helps protect cells against oxidative stress, supports the normal functioning of the energy system, intensifies combustion, stimulates energy consumption of the body.
The bitter orange extract contains flavonoids and para-sinephrine, a constituent that, in combination with caffeine, intensifies the metabolism and energy consumption of the body, leading to the maintenance of normal body weight.
Carnitine accelerates lipid metabolism, increases physical performance and exercise resistance, and maintains normal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.
The sweet pepper extract, with its capsaicin content, intensifies the process of burning fat. Regular consumption can help relieve post-prandial hyperinsulin and reduce appetite.
S-line System 40+ Enlarged Composition

- Green Tea Extract 50 mg

- Guarana 45 mg extract

- 50 mg Urzica extract

- Bitter Orange extract 50 mg, Caffeine 70 mg, Chrome 2.4 mcg
Benefits Enhanced S-line System 40+
- Enhance combustion
- helps maintain a normal body weight
- helps keep the normal blood sugar level
Method of administration: 2 tablets daily, in the morning and at noon.
The product is not recommended for people with hypertension or with heart disease.
Amount: 56 film-coated tablets