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PROSTAMOL UNO - 60 caps. prostatic hyperplasia

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PROSTAMOL UNO - 60 caps. prostatic hyperplasia
The active ingredient in Prostomol Uno is the ethanolic soft extract of Serenoa repens 9-11: 1. The other ingredients are succinate gelatin, glycerol, purified water, black iron oxide (E172), titanium dioxide (E171), Cochinealred A 80% (E124)
Micturition disorder in the prostate adenoma (benign prostatic hypertrophy) stage I (difficulties in urination but with complete emptying of the bladder) and stage II (incomplete bladder emptying with a 50 ml urine residue).
Prostamol® relieves only the diseases of an enlarged prostate without correcting its size.
Benign prostatic hypertrophy is an increase in non-malignant prostate volume. The enlarged prostate pushes the urethra, causing the following symptoms:
- the need to urinate more often, especially during the night;
- Urinary jet weak or discontinued;
Urinating the urine and the feeling of incomplete emptying of urine;
- urine passage;
- the deaths of sexual life.
Prostamol® administered correctly relieves these symptoms.
HBP can be treated with Prostamol® uno. If the HBP is not treated in time, the surgical intervention will be inevitable.
Prostamol® uno prevents further prostate growth.
Prostamol® relieves pressure in the bladder.
Prostamol® uno recovers continuous urinary jetting.
Therefore, it is recommended that the patient consult with the urologist at regular intervals. It is advisable to consult a physician, especially in case of blood in urine or urinary incontinence (acute urinary retention).
Administration method:
The recommended dose is a soft Prostamol® capsule once a day administered at the same time after a meal with enough fluid.
The duration of administration depends on the nature, severity and evolution of the disease and is not limited in time. Swallowing the capsule daily at the same time is important for proper treatment. The relief of symptoms can be observed after about four weeks.
Prostamol® uno can be used even for many years.
Medical advice is recommended if symptoms are not found to improve or, on the contrary, they are aggravated.
HBP is a long-term illness. Therefore, Prostamol®, like other medicines, should be used for a long time. The longer you use Prostamol® uno, the symptoms will improve. If the symptoms persist or worsen, please inform your doctor.
Even if the symptoms have improved, you should continue to use the medicine.
There is no risk of using the drug for many years.
Prostamol® uno slows down the aging process of the prostate.
Quantity: 60 capsules