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JOHNSON AUTAN Plus Family Care Lotion Mosquito Repellent with Aloe Vera 100ml

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 JOHNSON AUTAN Plus Family Care Lotion Mosquito Repellent with Aloe Vera 100ml
For effective and long-lasting protection, the products of the AUTAN Family range apply to all exposed areas of the body several times a day, acting as a protective shield against insects, while allowing the skin to breathe naturally.
The products in the AUTAN Family range do not contain dyes or preservatives, and do not leave the fat film on the skin. With a delicate formula, they can be used on any type of skin. That's why anyone can use AUTAN Family products, even children (over 2 years) or people with sensitive skin.
Autan Family Care Lotion provides effective protection for 4 hours. The formula is dermatologically tested and contains moisturizing substances and Aloe Vera.
The product can be used by children over 2 years of age.
Administration method:
Apply the lotion on the exposed skin and stretch it with your hand.
For the face: apply to the hands of adults and apply much care on the face of adults or children, avoiding contact with eyes and mouth.
Reapplication is indicated when product efficiency begins to drop.
Do not apply to sunburn, irritated, injured skin.
Do not apply to children younger than 2 years of age.
In the event of irritation, stop using the product.
Quantity: 100 ml spray bottle