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Fertility affection - COW PARSNIP Tincture (BRANCA URSULUI) DACIA PLANT

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Fertility affection - COW PARSNIP Tincture (BRANCA URSULUI) DACIA PLANT
Manufacturer: Dacia Plant
Description: Dacia Plant products based on bear's bran (tincture and tablets) are among the most powerful revitalizing, rejuvenating and stimulating gonads activity known today. Between the Romanian plants, the bear's brandy occupies a special role, due in particular to its extremely intense vitalizing effects. The name "Romanian ginseng" probably matches it better than any other plant in the Romanian flora. Root and bear's bran seeds revitalize and re-energize the body quickly, increase exercise capacity and psychological tone, eliminate sterility, impotence and frigidity. Bladder tablets are a cure for the third age, as they relieve her of the unpleasantness of premature physical decline, relishing the tone and lust for life.
Effects: good digestive antispasmodic, strong antispasmodic (rapid action), general calming, medium carminative, strong hypotensive, powerful aphrodisiac, regulator of nerve activity, strong stimulation of gonadal activity, good stimulation of local nonspecific immunity Genital), strong general tonic, good digestive tonic, strong genital vasodilator, strong peripheral vasodilator, medium-weak vermifug, good antihistaric (seeds), anti-bleeding (seeds).
- male and female sterility: 6 tablets a day, in minimum 3 month treatment.
- Hormonal and vascular impotence: 3-6 tablets per day.
- annexed, metroanexite: 3-6 tablets a day, in 21-day courses with 10 days break.
- amenorrhea, female sterility: 6 tablets per day in 3-6 month treatments.
- frigidity: 2 tablets in the single dose, taken 15 minutes before the amorous act.
- Premature menopause: 3-6 tablets a day in 21-day courses, with 7 days rest. The same treatment is also indicated in cases of premature aging, in the states of fatigue and exhaustion due to exaggerated physical and intellectual effort.
- difficult digestion, frequent bloating accompanied by colic, kidney failure: 3-6 tablets a day.
- hypertension, poor peripheral circulation (hands and feet): 3-6 tablets a day.
Observations: Treatment with the bear's breed generally lasts for at least 1 month, and for chronic conditions at least 3 months. In the case of premature menopause, treatments with the bull of the bear make true miracles. Effects will only occur after one month of treatment. To increase its therapeutic efficacy, this plant can be administered along with dill seed tincture. It should be mentioned that the treatment with the bear's bran is highly effective by a vegetarian diet with many crudities. Unlike other aphrodisiacs, the bear's bran is also recommended for those with high blood pressure because it is an excellent hypotension. It is a unique remedy in our flora, both by its power and by its complexity. However, its great strength is to know the precautions you need to keep in mind when you use it (precautions you will find below). As a female aphrodisiac, the bear's bran is ideal, acting simultaneously on several "fronts": it stimulates the activity of the ovaries, favors relaxation of the vaginal and uterine muscles by its antispastic effect, has an effect of reducing anxiety simultaneously with the increase of desire.
Precautions: Overdosing of this remedy produces allergic-type reactions, peripheral vasodilation and hypotension. Some manifest or latent prostate problems can be triggered by this plant. If urination or inflammation of the prostate occurs, treatment with this plant will be discontinued and a prostate plant (especially puffiness and thorns) will be treated, after which the tincture can be resumed. In the case of hypotension, this plant will be administered along with the magma tincture (Majorana hortensis), which has a compensatory role for this deficiency.
Contraindications: The plant is contraindicated for pregnant women.
Content: 60 cpr