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Therapeutic indications:
Taurix stimulating cream for the care and revitalization of the male organ that contains taurine to ensure strong erections. The active substance contained in this extract penetrates very easily the genitals and activates in an exceptional manner.
Support your masculinity!
The erection caused by TauriX will be much stronger and will last for the duration of the sexual act.
In addition, using the stimulant cream will ensure that you get an intense orgasm much faster and longer. You have guaranteed a more active sex life.
Taurine is an amino acid that is found in food, in the body, in free (90%) and in the form of salts. In 1827, for the first time, the bovine bull's taurine amino acid was separated. But it took nearly 200 years to discover the role of a vital component in maintaining health.
At the human body, taurine is an aminoethylsulfonic acid present in bile secretion that can be produced especially in muscle, brain, heart, and blood. A person weighing 75 kg normally has an average of about 75 g of taurine, which means a 75-fold greater amount of taurine than in a 1000-pound energy drink box.
Taurine provides benefits to the entire body, contributes to heart muscle development, improves heart function (improves sperm quality), improves sperm quality, is an energy product that accelerates growth, favors the absorption of vitamins, contributes to the production of bile secretion needed for assimilation Normal fat, and improves insulin action.
Often, however, in daily life, individuals exposed to negative external factors under stress, exercise or because of an inadequate diet eliminate the bull from the body in large quantities through urine. This can lead to deficiencies and it is possible that this substance is not sufficiently synthesized in the human body.
Our product has been specially designed to meet your needs and provide you with the necessary amount of taurine for a fulfilled sexual life that will please both you and your partner.
The application is done by gently massaging the penis and the testicles with a quantity of cream of the size of a cherry until it is completely absorbed by the skin.
Like other creams for genital use, taurix is ​​not used at the same time as a condom. Condom use is indicated at least 30 minutes after the total absorption of the cream.
The cream is safe, harmless and you can buy it without a prescription.
Method of application: a quantity of cream as the size of a cherry is applied to the male organ. Massage lightly until the cream disappears.
Amount: 40 ml tube.