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COW PARSNIP Phyto-Therapeutic Tincture Against Infertility (BRANCA URSULUI)

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COW PARSNIP Phyto-Therapeutic Tincture Against Infertility (BRANCA URSULUI)


Manufacturer: Dacia-Plant
Bull tincture extract - Extract 1: 6.7 in hydroalcoholic solution (ethyl alcohol / water 52/48 in mass ratio) from roots and bear-bean seeds (Heracleum sphondylium).
Method of administration: 
for adults: 1-3 teaspoons of tincture diluted in 100 ml of water (half a glass) 3-4 times a day, on the empty stomach, 30 minutes before the meal.
It is recommended to administer the product for periods of at least 30 days.
(Observation: in hypertension and in diseases where the intake of liquid is contraindicated, it is recommended to dilute the tincture in smaller amounts of water).
Content: 50
Digestive antispasmodic and especially uterine, calming, carminative, very good hypotensor, intense aphrodisiac, regulator of nerve activity, stimulator of gonad activity, stimulation of nonspecific local immunity, general tonic, digestive tonic, genital vasodilator.
It is recommended in:
hormonal and vascular impotence, male sterility; Adjuvant in venereal diseases, adjunct, metroanexita; Amenorrhea, female sterility; frigidity; Premature menopause; Difficult digestion, frequent bloating accompanied by colic, kidney failure; hypertension.