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Bepanthen PLUS Cream 30g Wound Eczema Burns Scars tatoo

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Bepanthen PLUS Cream 30g Wound Eczema Burns Scars tatoo
BepanthenPlus cream is a last generation antiseptic based on chlorhexidine, used to promote the healing and epithelization of minor lesions and skin irritations.
It disinfects the wounds smoothly and without fuss, forming a protective barrier against infections.
Composition: 5% dexpantenol, 0.5% chlorhexidine.
Due to the dexpanthenol-based composition, Bepanthen Plus also has a healing role, accelerating wound healing.
BepanthenPlus cream is recommended in:
· Superficial injuries of any type that present a risk of infection: scratches, cuts, cracks, skin ulcers, dermatitis;
· Chronic lesions such as inferior or decubitus ulcers;
· Skin infections such as secondary eczema and neurodermatitis;
· Minor surgery: surgical wounds and injuries.
Dexpanthenol: Active healing principle recognized by the World Health Organization (1).
Applied locally, dexpanthenol quickly enters the skin, where it is metabolized into pantothenic acid.
Dexpanthene has been given the Generally Recognized as Safe status (recognized as safe) by the US Food and Drug Administration.
The clinical efficacy of dexpanthenol has been documented through a series of studies.
Dexpanthenol properties:
Accelerates regeneration of the skin barrier
Protects skin from irritation4
Moisturizes the skin
Lanolin is very effective in maintaining hydration. Moreover, due to the high content of physiological lipids (lipids that are naturally found in the skin structure) and its ability to retain water, lanolin has excellent adhesion properties to wet tissue.
Other benefits of lanolin are the properties of accelerating repair of injured tissues: it integrates directly into the upper layers of the skin, filling the intracellular spaces and fortifying the protective structure of the skin.
Method of administration: The cream is applied in thin layer, one or more times a day, by light massage.
Amount: 30 ml